Southrock Engineering works with you to create your custom Printed Circuit Boards and/or Cable assemblies. We design, and manufacture analog, digital, and microprocessor-based products. We are the highest efficiency assembler of low volume SMT, and through-hole PCBs in Arizona.

Our facility includes all aspects of supply-chain management. We can take your project from conception through production. Our certified technicians will manufacture your product, and inspect every component. Our engineers always provide support and design initiative, ensuring the most cost-effective solution for any situation. Already have components and need only assembly, please inquire.   Low or high volume production, we can help.

Low-volume, quick-turnaround is where we thrive. Quantities from one to hundreds.

Authorized Distributor of Ledtech LEDs and Displays


At Southrock Engineering...

We are committed to success. Quality processes ensure that happens.

  Each design has a Data File. Files are indexed by a reference number, which are customer assigned or Southrock designated. Each file contains the       following information where available:
  1. The reference number and current revision level.
  2. Schematic diagram.
  3. Bill of Materials, (BOM).
  4. Copies of any special datasheets or parts descriptions.
  5. A copy of the original quotation to the customer.
  6. A form detailing the quantities and dates when the cable was previously made, and the customer PO # and the price charged.
  7. Copies of the Certificate of Conformity issued with previously produced items.
  8. Copies of any Defective Material Reports (DMRs) or customer complaints, together with details of their resolution.
  9. Data from previous revisions will be held in the Data file, but clearly marked as having been revised.